Peace, Love & Pit Bulls is a non-profit that survives off of donations. If you would like to make a donation to us then just click the button. Thanks!


Peace, Love & Pit Bulls doesn’t have any dogs available for adoption right now. Check back again with us soon!

If you are unable find your new best friend on our website, Peace, Love & Pit Bulls would be happy to accompany you on your search through the other dog shelters in Las Vegas. Everybody’s situation is unique, and every dog is unique. We want to make sure that you, and your new dog are the perfect match for each other so you guys can both live happily ever after. If this is something you are interested in just message us through the Peace, Love & Pit Bulls contact page, and we will work out all the details.

Check out to find dogs available for adoption in Las Vegas, and beyond.

Click here for a list of other dog shelters in Las Vegas

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