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2010 National Pit Bull Awareness Day (Vegas) was coming up and I thought - "What can I do to show the world what us Pit Bull lovers already know?" At that moment, Buster came up and licked my face. Lick, lick, slobber, slobber…. hmmm how could I display the love (X5) that I experience every day? Lick, lick, slobber, slobber. Hmmm... anyone...? anyone….? Bueller?? The answer was not only staring me in the face, it was licking it… a kissing booth! Of course it is a perfect way to show the “negative nannys” and the haters how great these dogs really are. Ok but how do I do a kissing booth with 5 pit bulls? And how do i do it where they are all accessible and comfortable? Well since I do everything last minute the only thing I could think of was to put Buster, Shorty, Booboo, Rockie, and Buddy in the back of my jeep, open the back and call it a kissing booth. Yeah I know at 1st thought... LAME!! Oh contraire Rick Flare! It was all that you thought 5 kissable kissers could be, Tongue bath to the 5th power.

Well needless to say it was a hit and when National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2011 came around PLP was back for a bigger and better event. Back of a jeep turned into trailer, banners, and tongue baths for all. By National Pit Bull Day 2012 or "Pits N Giggles" our FB page went from 2,000 to 25,000 likes all because of one picture of the kissing booth gone viral. We had it down to a well-oiled kissing machine. Then on November 21st 2012 we lost our beautiful mascot Buster to cancer... wanna make god laugh? make a plan…

I was done. I was devastated. (still am.) Buster was my adopted son, my boy, my beautiful best friend. I didn't want to do anything let alone make plans for another event. Honestly if it hadn't been for Shorty, Boo, Rockie, and Buddy I'm not sure I would've made it through. Then the question became how do we continue the Kissing Booth without Buster? It was much more than losing my best friend. He was the hub of the kissing booth, a 75-pound kissing machine. Buster was the reason the booth had worked. He was so friendly and so eager for affection (see here) that the other dogs being so competitive couldn't help but join in. Not that the others aren't friendly or social they are, but they all followed Busters lead. Buster was that dog who would come to you and lean on your leg for you to scratch his back. He was the worlds worst watchdog. Buster was the spark that lit up the kissing booth with kisses. And PLP needed that spot filled.

Enter "Mickey." Four months later in a parking lot next the gym I spot this “lil” yapper hiding from the sun under a car. Well I never let a stray get away (if I can help it) so after a bit of a chase, and asking anyone around "Is that your dog?" l eventually gained his trust. Long story short PLP has an honorary pit bull called "Mickey." Join the mailing list for future events. Interested in having The PLP Kissing Booth at your event? See contact page.


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