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Tino has been a dog lover his entire life, and his favorite breed has always been the pit bull. Tino has over 20 years of experience with pit bulls, and with 5 of them still living in his house to this day it doesn't seem like his infatuation with the breed is going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are all of Tino's dogs getting along just like peas and carrots.

On January 25th , 2013 Tino decided to post a YouTube video of his puppy Bandit trying to get on a treadmill for the first time. The clip was set to the song 'Eye of the Tiger' and it quickly went viral. The video has gotten over 7 1/2 million views since then. Unfortunately Tino wasn't able to collect any money from this video to use towards Peace, Love & Pit Bulls, because Tino made the mistake of using a copyrighted song without permission. The video did help Tino build a substantial social media following that he now uses to find new homes for the pit bulls he rescues.

You may also see Tino around at various dog related events where he sets up a kissing booth with his 5 extremely loving pit bulls (and Mickey). So everyone walking by can get some dog smooches, and Tino can show the world what most of us already know, that pit bull type dogs are awesome!


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